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By Sean O’Brien • First edition of 500 copies / ISBN 978-0-9572738-4-9 / £10 • A chapbook by the award-winning poet Sean O’Brien, focused around the first two cantos of a longer poem exploring the West London region, where his parents met just after the war. Sean’s poem is a meditation on place, memory and … Continue reading Hammersmith


By Tamar Yoseloff & Vici MacDonald • Signed second edition / 978-0-9572738-0-1 / £8 • Featuring poems by Tamar Yoseloff and photographs by Vici MacDonald, Formerly commemorates the forgotten corners of a London fast disappearing. Witty and elegiac, the book is a sequence of 14 irregular and anarchic sonnets, each written in response to a bleakly … Continue reading Formerly

Heart Archives

By Sue Rose • Signed first edition of 300 / ISBN 978-0-9572738-1-8 / £10 • Inspired by an archive of heartbeats, Sue Rose has paired 14 sonnets on family and love with her own poignant photographs. Heart Archives was motivated by the intense emotional impact Rose (a noted French translator) felt upon encountering Les Archives … Continue reading Heart Archives


By Hannah Lowe • Signed first edition of 300 / ISBN 978-0-9572738-2-5 / £10 • Next Generation poet Hannah Lowe blends a cycle of poems with personal and historical archives to chart the 1947 journey of SS Ormonde, the first post-WW2 ship (followed within a year by the Almanzora and the more famous Empire Windrush) … Continue reading Ormonde


By Claire Crowther • Signed first edition of 300 / ISBN 978-0-9572738-3-2 / £10 • Claire Crowther is a poet who is constantly breaking new ground with her innovative and genre-defying style. In Silents her subject is early cinema, the strange and wordless shadow world of gestures and expressions, populated by witches and vampyres, and … Continue reading Silents