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‘Hypnotic’ – Artemis reviews Heart Archives

“These are thoughtful, delicate, assured poems, their regular beat throughout hypnotic as Rose explores her responses to the images, or rather to the people they invoke. But ‘delicate’ does not mean timid … love lives in these honest, touching poems.”

Anne Stewart reviewing Heart Archives by Sue Rose in Artemis Poetry, Issue 14, May 2015, available from Second Light Live. See below for an image of the review (click to enlarge).

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‘A concise homage’ – London Grip reviews Silents

“Crowther uses syllabics to mirror the limitations of expressions without speech and the need for telling a story with few words – the intertitles – which must be sized and shaped by the ease with which they would be read from a screen … the poems make the most of their restrictive forms and provide a concise homage to silent movies.”

Emma Lee reviewing Silents by Claire Crowther in London Grip, 30 June 2015. See the full review here.

‘Rich in mystery’ – Silent London reviews Silents

“This elegantly designed book is a heartfelt, original account of one viewer’s headlong tilt into silent cinema. If you love silent film too, it will stir your passions anew. And delightfully, it is just as rich in mystery and multilayered meanings as the best of early cinema.”

Pamela Hutchinson reviewing Silents by Claire Crowther in Silent London,  11 June 2015. See the full review here.

Silent London cutting alone


‘Memorable’ – The TLS reviews Hannah Lowe’s ‘Ormonde’

“The presence in these poems of the author-researcher adds a pleasing historical poignancy to the writing, and the shadow of uncompleted narratives casts a dramatic shadow over Chick Lowe’s tale of arrival. These are moving and memorable poems.”

Aingeal Clare reviewing Ormonde by Hannah Lowe in the TLS, June 5 2015 (No. 5853); Poetry in Brief, p.25. See the full review below (click to enlarge).

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