By Tamar Yoseloff & Vici MacDonald
• Signed second edition / 978-0-9572738-0-1 / £8
• Featuring poems by Tamar Yoseloff and photographs by Vici MacDonald, Formerly commemorates the forgotten corners of a London fast disappearing. Witty and elegiac, the book is a sequence of 14 irregular and anarchic sonnets, each written in response to a bleakly humorous image of superannuated London. The final sonnet, which like the book is entitled Formerly, revisits lines from each of the previous 13 poems. Produced in a compact format, with grainy duotone images and fonts popular in the 1960s, the book’s design echoes its humble subject matter. Every copy comes with a free 10-page location guide, Off The Map, exploring the actual sites that inspired Formerly, with maps, then-and-now photos and commentaries from the authors. Formerly was shortlisted for the 2012 Ted Hughes Award, and in 2013 the entire project was exhibited at the Saison Poetry Library, Southbank Centre, London.
• Includes 10-page ‘Off the Map’ location guide
• 36pp, 125 x 140 mm, full colour throughout

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Praise for Formerly

Formerly is a direct and quietly urgent dispatch from a familiar but disappearing London, a lonely, seedy and dilapidated bedsitland of
regrets and furtive longings, all covered by ‘the fine dust of misery’.”
Owen Hatherley, author and critic

Formerly is a wonderful series of photographs by Vici MacDonald and loose sonnets by Tamar Yoseloff responding to London’s continual dissolution and reinscription of itself as a contemporary city. The poetry, though often humorous and with ephemeral subjects, is always fully achieved and as richly-textured as the photographs, making the nebulous tangible again, as Frank O’Hara suggested poetry should. This is the best collaboration between these arts that I have seen since Fay Godwin and Ted Hughes’ Remains of Elmet, and I cannot recommend it too highly.”
Ian Duhig, poet

“Tamar Yoseloff’s verse boxes shadows while Vici MacDonald’s surfaces change before our eyes. This is the London we have been looking for down the ages, from Dickens to Sinclair and Whistler to Kossoff. It is here and now but only for a moment, you have to be very quick and catch it while you can…”
Jock McFadyen RA, artist